The BPO University is the very first accredited school where all real estate professionals in Washington state were able to take clock hour approved courses on Broker Price Opinions as well as on how to use automation software within their BPO and REO business. Learn More...

Learn from the "First Certified Real Estate Instructor" in the BPO business, Nicole Ocean. Nicole is an industry leader and expert within the Broker Price Opinion field. She is also an expert at using BPO Automation software to help real estate professionals streamline their BPO and REO business. Nicole is also the lead instructor at the BPO University. Learn More...

BPO University was the only accredited real estate school in the United States to offer a clock hour approved course titled, "Broker Price Opinion Basics 101."

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BPO University now offers our 'BPO Inner Circle' Coaching Platform. The BPO University's 'BPO Inner Circle' coaching platform is a virtual coaching platform created Exclusively for BPO University students and BPO Automation Group customers. The platform is made either directly here as well as is available in the AutoFill software as a completely free Add-on for any active BPOU or BPOA customer. Learn More...

BPO University is a full supporter and advocate for BPOSG. (BPO Standards and Guidelines). Within Broker Price Opinion courses that are offered by the BPO University, they will incorporate teaching the content and material provided within the BPOSG, which was put together by the BPO Standards Board (Permission granted by NABPOP and the BSB Standards Board) Learn More...

Nicole Ocean, a national speaker, certified real estate instructor, BPO trainer and coach has been teaching real estate professionals all over the United States for the last 7 years. Nicole has helped thousands of BPO and REO Agents build and automate their businesses to levels previously never achieved. As a speaker, Nicole is accustomed to speaking in both small settings from one-hour virtual training sessions to day long classes of hundreds of people within a group setting. Learn More...

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The BPO University is extremely pleased to announce that we received word today that our 'Broker Price Opinion Basics 101' course got approved for 9 CE credits. Sign up for the only accredited course on Broker Price Opinions where any licensed real estate professional in Washington state will receive continuing education credits. Course number 7051.

MARCH 17, 2010


Nicole Ocean submitted the 'BPO Basics 101' course for approval to the Real Estate Commission within the Department of Licensing in Washington state. After approval it will be offered to all Washington state real estate professionals as an accredited live class that they can come to, learn about BPO's and get clock hours that they can apply towards their continuing education requirements.

FEBRUARY 24, 2010

BPO University announces that courses offered by the BPO University will incorporate BPOSG (BPO Standards and Guidelines) the material is provided by the BSB Standards Board and NABPOP.

January 4, 2010


BPO University makes history by becoming the very first accredited school in Washington state to offer courses on Broker Price Opinions.