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"Broker Price Opinion Basics 101" (Non-Accredited Class)

Learn from the "First Certified Real Estate Instructor" in the BPO business, Nicole Ocean. Let her show you how you can make $100+ dollars per hour in real estate, by doing BPO's.

A great place to start is within our video-based course that focuses on the basics concepts surrounding Broker Price Opinions. Lessons from the course will provide a firm foundation for any real estate professionals wanting to learn valuable aspects and applications that apply to Broker Price Opinion work. Anyone taking this 12 module, self-paced course will leave with a solid understanding of the business and how to accurately do BPO orders (Material used is based on a previously accredited version of this course and was last updated on: 5/29/2021). Price: $99.00

Free Bonus: Receive 30-day, Unlimited Access to the "Basic-Level" of our "BPO Inner Circle" virtual coaching platform with your purchase.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our products or services, simply ask for a full-refund within 3-days of the date of purchase by calling us at: 1-833-BPO-LIFE


Topics Covered Within The Course Include:

Module One (Approximately 15 minutes)

  • What Exactly is a BPO?
  • Definition of a BPO Report
  • Common Reasons Why BPO's Are Used

Module Two (Approximately 30 minutes)

  • Introduction to “Broker Price Opinion Basics 101”
  • Who Is Allowed To Do BPO Work?
  • Why Do BPO’s?
  • How Much Can You Expect to Make?
  • Types of BPO Orders
  • Typical Fees for BPO Orders
  • Trend in Price Reduction of Fees
  • When Will You Get Paid?
  • What Do You Need to Sign Up?
  • What Type of Equipment Do You Need?

Module Three (Approximately 15 minutes)

  • Current State of the BPO Industry
  • Why is BPO Work Available?
  • Reasons for the "Mortgage Meltdown"

Module Four (Approximately 30 minutes)

  • Common Myths in the BPO Business
  • What States Is It Illegal to do BPO's?
  • - Regulations Explained
  • - Places to go to Check Local Regulations
  • You Need a Special Designation or Certification to do BPO's
  • There's Too Much Competition Now
  • There Isn't Enough Work for Everyone
  • One BPO / REO Company Has All of the Work
  • Companies Aren't Accepting New BPO Agents
  • Top 10 Companies Who Are Still Accepting New BPO Agents
  • You Won't Be Able to Get Any REO Listings
  • BPO's Won't Be Around Much Longer Anyway

Module Five (Approximately 30 minutes)

  • Sample BPO Forms
  • Main Types of BPO Forms
  • - Sample Freddie Mac 1092 BPO Form
  • - Sample Fannie Mae BPO Form
  • Sample Photos of the Subject Property
  • Sample Interior Photos
  • Sample Comparable Photos
  • Extra Photos
  • Small Group Activity: "A Day in the Life of a BPO Agent."

Module Six (Approximately 15 minutes)

  • Basic Concepts to Know Before Filling Out a BPO Form
  • Life Cycle of a BPO Report
  • Property Types
  • Property Styles
  • More Important Concepts to Know

Module Seven (Approximately 1 hour)

  • Introducing the "Broker Price Opinion Standards and Guidelines."
  • Making History by Creating Standards and Guidelines
  • History Behind NABPOP's BPOSG
  • Quick Breakdown of the Standards and Guidelines
  • Broker Price Opinion Standards
  • What Are the BPO Standards?
  • - Limitations
  • - Ethics and Conduct
  • - Competency
  • - Applicability
  • Photo Requirements and Recommendations
  • - Exterior Inspection Photos
  • - Interior Inspection Photos
  • - Exterior, Interior and / or Surrounding Neighborhood
  • - Exception....... Don't Take Photos of........
  • - Records
  • - Disclaimer

Module Eight (Approximately 1 hour)

  • Broker Price Opinion Guidelines
  • What Are the Broker Price Opinion Guidelines?
  • - Comparable Selection and Utilization
  • - Guidelines to Consider When Doing BPO Orders
  • - What If You Have To Go Out Further to Find Good Comps?
  • - When Picking Comps.......Compare "Apples to Apples"
  • - Zoning and Use
  • - Variance Range for Square Footage
  • - Variance Range for Lot Size
  • - Variance Range for Age
  • - Physical Characteristics
  • - View Characteristics
  • Comparable Selection Based on Market Conditions
  • - Distressed Driven Market
  • - Fair Market
  • - Mixed Market
  • - Stable Market
  • - Rapid Market
  • Lack of Comparable Properties
  • Comparable Application
  • Basement and Below Grade Areas
  • BPO Commentary and Applicability
  • Rating the Property / Neighborhood
  • Definitions
  • - Locations
  • Understanding Room Count
  • - What is Not Not Considered a Room?
  • Understanding Bedroom Count
  • Understanding Bathroom Count
  • Bed / Bath Count Expectations
  • Comment, Comment, Comment
  • Individual Exercise "Quick Exercise in Converting"

Module Nine (Approximately 2 hours)

  • How Do You Complete and Fill Out a BPO?
  • Overall Plan of Action
  • Let's Walk Through a BPO Order
  • Researching the Subject Property
  • - County Tax Records/Assessor's Website
  • - Assessor's Information Sheet
  • - Researching the Subject Property in the MLS
  • - Use More Sources to Verify Information
  • Find Your Comps Within the MLS
  • Filling in a Sample BPO Form
  • “Cookie Cutter Phrases”
  • How To Do Adjustments Correctly
  • Finding the Current Market Value and "Recommended Property Price."
  • Correctly Uploading All of the Photos
  • Small Group Activity: "Do Your Own BPO Now."

Module Ten (Approximately 1 hour)

  • Using Automation Software to Streamline Your BPO Business
  • Basics Concepts About BPO Automation Group's "BPO AutoFill Software."
  • - FAQ About BPO Automation Software
  • - Real Case Studies
  • Individual Activity: Let's Look at a Demo of a "BPO AutoFill Macro.”
  • - Demo of BPOA's AutoFill Software
  • - Quick Overview
  • History Behind Using Auto-Accept Software
  • - Success Rate of Auto-Accept Software
  • Basic Concepts About Auto-Accept Software
  • - Auto-Accept Software Companies
  • There Are No Guarantees.......

Module Eleven (Approximately 30 minutes)

  • Creating and Setting Up a BPO Order Tracking System
  • Staying Organized
  • - BPO Order File Folder
  • Backing Up Your BPO Forms, Comparables and Pictures
  • Introducing RoboForm
  • - How to Create "Log-ins" (Using RoboForm)
  • Individual Activity: "Play Around with RoboForm"

Module Twelve (Approximately 15 minutes)

  • Vendor Rating System
  • Actual Agent QC Rating Methodology
  • List of 120 BPO, REO and Asset Management Companies
  • Where to Go For REO Education and More BPO Training
  • Wrap Up
  • Question and Answer

Material Updated on: 5/29/2021

Real estate professionals all across the nation can take the non-accredited video version of the "Broker Price Opinion Basics 101" course right now in the comfort of their own home. The non-accredited version of the course is considered a home-study course where you take it at your own pace. The contents of the course is almost exactly identical to the previously accredited version. Price: $99.00


Free Bonus: Receive 30-day, Unlimited Access to the "Basic-Level" of our "BPO Inner Circle" virtual coaching platform with your purchase.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our products or services, simply ask for a full-refund within 3 business days of the date of purchase by calling us at: 1-833-BPO-LIFE

BPO Manual Info:

2nd Edition / ISBN #: 1-4392-5776-0
Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN): 2009909394