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More Testimonials:


"I bought your book on BPO's and I have to admit, it's the best and only book out there that really gives you the "guts" of the business. Your book is priceless for not only those who are just starting out, but even for companies like ours that have been doing BPO's for 5 years now. Thank you for putting yourself out there to help those people who have no one else to turn to." 

Stacey J. Broker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I bought your 120 Links for BPO's and then upgraded to the BPO Manual soon after. I am excited to report that I currently am doing 8-10 BPOs a week. I have been at this since September of 2007 and it is enough money to pay my mortgage. I am so excited and thankful that I bought it. You were such a great help with my first one back in September. I am almost a pro now! Ha ha! I love to be able to spend time with my kids and still have money coming in. I also got a Listing for it. WoW!! Thank you!!!! 


"I am so excited about being an REO agent. It has been exactly one year since I purchased your book. I now have 52 REO listings. I am steadily selling and getting more listing. I currently do 15-20 BPOs a week. I thank you for walking me through my first BPO. I am making more money than I ever have before. If any of my colleagues ask how I started I tell them to go to your site.Thanks again!"  

Monica C. in Antioch, California

"This is the 2nd BPO Package I purchased and I paid less money and received far more usuable content. Nicole really goes over things in detail and the section on "Beating the Competition," is worth its weight in gold! By simply implementing the information provided in this section alone, I was able to significantly increase my chances of accepting assignments. In fact, the first day I set up my cell phone to accept emails, I was able to accept my first assignment simply because I was notified immediately of the availability. And, I wasn't even sitting in front of my computer at the time. Awesome!

I highly recommend buying this program! If you're looking for a way to earn some extra cash this is the way to go. You can earn enough money to do whatever you need to do, I mean everything from offsetting all the fees/dues that come with the cost of doing business, to putting spending cash in your pocket EVERY MONTH, to implementing a new marketing stategy for your business EVERY MONTH, it truly will help you do whatever you need to do!

 If you're relative new to the business, having this information at your fingertips will help you through those challenging and frustrating times and more importantly, Keep You From Leaving The Business. Kudos to Nicole. Again many thanks.

Debra C. Realtor® in Wantage, N.J.

"I just wanted to write and thank you for such a well written manual, I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered it but have found the manual to be indispensable to me in my business, you have given me another avenue to pursue in Real Estate. Your manual is well written and an easy read. You have been extremely kind & helpful, I truly appreciate it. Thank you again!"

Brenda F. Realtor® in Atlanta, Georgia

"I started to read your book this weekend and can really appreciate the easy way it's written. I also love the fact that it's short, precise and to the point. Too many times people pad the contents of a book just for filler instead of addressing the subject directly." 
Maggie D. Realtor® in South Miami, Florida

"I first must say I have NEVER seen this kind of help and support before in this competitive industry. I greatly appreciate it, and definitely will be signing on! I am currently working with a very experienced Realtor who is "training," me with BPO's, but nothing compares to this information! I am so happy that I happened upon your masterpiece! You'll see me on the forum!"
Matthew F. Realtor® in Avondale, Arizona

"Nicole, thank you for your book, "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Broker Price Opinions." It was very informative and has helped me very, very much. In just a few days, I had signed up with several BPO Companies and began to receive work in just a couple of weeks from the help you provided in your manual. I often refer back to it when I get stuck and I would certainly recommend your manual to others who wanted to start in the BPO business."
Lydia V.  Realtor® in W. Memphis, Tennessee

"Nicole thanks very much for the bonuses and for your excellent eBooks! They are filled with great nuggets of information and efficiencies and the lists are fabulous! I really appreciate the 'authenticity of your website and work....it's not the "hip and slick, buy it now" stuff! Wishing you continued MEGA successes!"

-Linda A, Agent, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and 29 Palms, CA

"I have been doing BPO's for about 5 years now, for maybe 3-4 companies and 4-5 per month. Now I am doing 4-5 a week and am turning down that many more because I do not have the time to do them all. Many people come up with sale gimmicks to generate more income, however yours actually works, congratulations! From the island of Kauai I say Aloha and Mahalo."
Ron K.  Realtor® in Kauai, Hawaii

"I want to say thank you for the book and list of BPO Companies. It was worth it and my first CMA paid for your book and lists. Last Monday, I signed up for 3 BPO Companies just to try it out. So far I have made $155.00 on just 2 CMA's. This is exciting, and I am going to be signing up for more."
Ike R.  Realtor® in Pensacola, Florida

"Just want to thank you for sharing your experience. Your instruction guide on how to fill in a BPO form was great! I wish I knew about BPO's when I first started in real estate."
Hoi T.  Realtor ® in Cartersville, Georgia

"I purchased your book about six weeks ago. It was straight and to the point and it did help cut down my time completing orders. I purchased another "program," which wasn't worth the time, money or effort, but I did so to compare and to obtain more information. You book was "right on." My first month has brought in approximately $1,000.00 Thank you!" 

Philip C. Real Estate Broker & Mortgage Broker in Niceville, Florida

"By the way, Nicole you're the greatest! In less than 30 days I've racked up over $1,000 in receivable!"
Jay H.  in Realtor® Marrow, Georgia